Friday, July 3, 2015

Dig New Mexico


While the school's maintenance crew was digging ditches to put in new sprinklers in the playground, they found something amazing! The object appeared to be ancient and seemed to be part of a set. The workers could tell it was very old, but no one knew for sure what it was or where it came from. All the teachers went out to look at it. The principal, the janitors, the school secretary, the PE and Art teachers and even the school secretary went outside to look. It was decided that no more digging would take place because there might be other items that could be damaged.

The Task

You were selected to be part of the archaeological team hired to examine the found items. You will be working with others in the team. You are tasked with the research to determine if the found items were created by American Indians, if so, you need to determine which tribe created them.  You must also describe what the object how the object was used, how old it is, and if there are any more artifacts. You will have to go through the process just like an archaeologist, document your findings, and report on them. Before you can accomplish this, you will have to learn about Native Americans from New Mexico, archaeology, and archaeologists. 

The Process

Each week you will have to complete a different portion of the archaeological expedition.  You will have to document your research after you complete each task.  You will create a special archaeologist notebook, be sure to keep it safe and document everything.  At the end of your investigation you will have to create a presentation for the community and museum personnel.  If you do a good job, they may decide to include your findings in the museum! So let's get started!

Week 1

Now that you have made the archaeological team, you must go through a brief training to learn how to think and research like an archaeologist.  This week you will be learning about what archaeology is and how archaeologist help us learn about the past. You will need to know some terms and practice interpreting some present day artifacts before you begin your work on the team.

Day 1: What is archaeology?

Day 2:  What is the archaeological process?

Day 3:  How old is it? Archaeological dating and Science and technology

Day 4:  Are archaeologist treasure hunters? Responsible Archaeology

Day5:  Field trip! Let's go on a tour of an archaeology site. Now let's play some games!

Week 2

American Indians in New Mexico.  Let's find out who lived in this area, that information will help us determine who owned these items.  Remember to use your diigo account and online researching tools, such as find, highlighting, copy, and paste. 

Day 1: Now that you are an official archaeologist, let's study the NavajoZuni, and Pueblo Indians

Day 2: Let's take a look at the Mescalero and Apache tribes. 

Day 3: Today we will research the Jocome, Jano, and Suma Indians.  

Day 4: Complete your research by creating your diigo outliner

Day 5: Now that you have learned about Indian Tribes in New Mexico, who do you think owned the items? Use your diigo outliner to write an opinion piece explaining your choice.  Be sure to include at least 3 reasons why you chose this tribe. Cite your sources.

Week 3

Now you will be using what you learned about the Native Americans of New Mexico and anthropology to uncover artifacts from one of these cultures. You will pick one of the artifact photos. You will become an anthropologist and compare with other artifacts to determine the name of artifact, what is what used for, what culture used it, and provide the sources you used.

Day 1and 2:  If you will be researching artifact photos, you must first learn how to use google images.  First watch this video, then use your knowledge to go on this scavenger hunt. You will need to open a word document, copy the image, list the URL where you found it, and an interesting detail about the photo

Day 3 and 4:  Now that you have some experience searching images, let's take a look at some of the items found.  Use your diigo account to keep notes and write a brief description of each item.

Day 5: Pick one of the items found and write a fictional piece describing how it was used and who possibly used it.  Include details and be imaginative!

Week 4

It is time to put it all together.  Now that you have researched both the Indian People of New Mexico and the artifacts, you must organize your work into a presentation.  You can watch this video for a few pointers on how to put together an interesting presentation.  Please organize your time wisely, you have one week to complete your presentation.  

Week 5

Student presentations. Use this rubric to help assess your classmate's presentations. 

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